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ABIM Continues its Strong Arm and Intimidating Tactics.

ABIM Continues its Strong Arm and Intimidating Tactics.

Since May 2009, ABIM has continued to smother physicians. Until one stood up! A new barrage of letters targets Dr. Salas Rushford’s alleged “litany” in failing to produce information.

Since day one, ABIM has failed and continues to refuse to produce the settlement agreement in the its case against Dr. Arora, the policies and procedures that apply, etc. alleging irrelevance. With what gall do they pounce on Dr. Salas Rushford?

ABIM's lawyers notified a deposition requesting documents out of the legal 30-day requirement of notification, for May 31- the worst weekend for traveling (see the situation at the airports yourselves) on Dr. Salas Rushford’s birthday and now they say “they face a holiday weekend and the family obligations these holidays imply… and that defendant is exercising dilatory actions. So, their family obligations are cause for concern, but Dr. Salas Rushford's are just dilatory actions.

Dilatory? Dr Salas Rushford has been under duress of ABIM since May 8, 2012. ABIM, from day one, has failed to move this case, because they have been improvising along the way.

Now in the latest letter from ABIM's lawyers dated May 27, 2016 they state:

“Defendant should carefully think better of the delay tactics he has employed to date. Unless defendant’s demeanor changes to what is expected of any litigant – much less of a purportedly well educated person we no longer will treat defendant with the professional courtesy we have to date and instead will invoke the Court's coercive process to receive what is a matter of right of any litigant”. Yes, now off to the gallows my friends!

ABIM's lawyers indicate its investigation is “ongoing”. This is oppression, this is ABIM’s attitude and of course they have the MONEY from all of us to do so.

Dr. Baron of ABIM has stated there is “no robust evidence” for MOC. So after they have done all in their power; raids, accusations, monopolies, selling MOC, making it “voluntary” but in reality obligatory, now “under siege” they are improvising to see how they can keep it up. They are selling the condo, they are transferring money offshore to the Cayman Islands. ABIM is beginning to feel the pressure, to crumble in its lies, and their case of Dr. Salas Rushford is sad. An entity that admits to using $4.5 million of our money every year just to have board meetings (it must be one hell of a catering) and pay its CEO, is using its money, power and greed to destroy a young physician. A physician, a human being and who since May 8, 2012 has been respectful, simply asking that they produce actual evidence that he did anything wrong.

The case against Dr. Salas Rushford is a show of power and what happens to any physicians who raise their voice. ABIM got it wrong!


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