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Via Humiliation and Insults! It's the ABIM Way

How is David vs. Goliath? The battle continues in spite of a huuuge opponent. Ballard Spahr, the law firm representing ABIM and third-party defendants, has 550 attorneys, paralegals, etc. And now they oppose the Pro Hac Vices of Attorneys Mena and Salas-Soler (Dr. Jaime “Jimmy” Salas Rushford’s father), in spite of previously being accepted by the Court. They vehemently oppose the Pro Hac Vice of Attorney Salas Soler because, as his obligation to the Court, he called attention to a totally improper conduct by ABIM attorney in the A. Benjamin Mannes deposition.

ABIM exercises delays, irrelevant arguments, humiliating remarks and show no respect towards Dr. Salas Rushford. Depositions were taken of Dr. Salas Rushford and Mr. A. Benjamin Mannes and ABIM has “demanded” confidentiality in the Mannes deposition. Everybody has the right to be represented by counsel of choice and ABIM has become a bully, they want to set the rules of the game. Excerpts of depositions of Dr. Salas Rushford and motions follow. No need to discuss, you can judge.


Insults and Humiliation # 1

Insults and Humiliation # 2

Insults and Humiliation # 3

Insults and humiliation # 4

Motion Paperwork Good Read !



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