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ABIM and what it does with Physicians Money !!!

David is Alive and Battling

ABIM continues its tactics to delay, coerce, to not divulge, to keep things under the stamp of CONFIDENTIAL, to have depositions redacted so the truth is hidden. Why is a nonprofit so keen on SECRECY !?

David has continued his battle in silence but onward with the truth and the veracity of triumph.

Malcom Gladwell has said:

“There is a set of advantages that have to do with material resources, and there is a set that have to do with the absence of material resources – and the reason underdogs win as often as they do is that the latter is sometimes every bit the equal of the former.”

ABIM continues to spend thousands of physician’s money to coerce, to pressure, to demand obedience, to control and we need to combat this… David is energized and strong.

Physicians need to show their strength and support.

Let's hold ABIM accountable. ABIM's attitude only works on hurting physicians. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER !!!

If you have been wronged by ABIM contact us !!!!

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