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Threats from ABIM continue

ABIM has sent a letter dated May 25th, 2016, distorting the reality of the discovery process, since Dr. Salas Rushford has provided over 1,000 (one thousand) documents and ABIM is still contesting and refusing to comply with discovery needed for Dr. Salas Rushford’s defense.

Dr. Salas Rushford, through counsel, was allowed by the court to file a Motion to Compel ABIM to provide evidence given ABIM’s reluctance to disclose documents and evidence requested. ABIM is now resorting to shift the lack of compliance to Dr. Salas Rushford’s, when this is false.

ABIM continues to exercise unilateral language to shift responsibility: defendant’s failure to comply we will bring to the attention of the court.

ABIM, from the very first letter from ABIM, received by Dr Salas Rushford, signed by Lynn Langdon on May 8th, 2012 all that ABIM does is intimidate and menace. Things have not changed.

Letter - May 25,2016

Original Letter from Lynn Langdon

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