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David Moving Forward

To keep you all up to date. My lawyers have filed a Motion to Dismiss the Complaint filed against me by ABIM, based on legal issues. The legal issues are that my lawyers have shown, the complaint is insufficient. That means that even if you believe all the facts ABIM alleges, what they say I did was not illegal. Of course, I did not do those things but even so. Also my lawyers are saying that ABIM sued me too late, because the law says that you have to sue people within a certain time so that they don’t lose their evidence to defend themselves. In this sort of case the time is 3 years and ABIM took almost 5 years. We need to hear your voices, receive your support and stand united. It is time to just come forth and say “I want my voice heard”. ABIM continues to avoid disclosing the information is their files that they would need for their case to move forward. While we cannot say for certain that they are hiding something, it certainly seems “fishy”, that they say it is difficult for them to produce information they must have had in order to sue Dr Arora, myself and other doctors. Justice and change is in the support.

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