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  • Dr. Jimmy Salas-Rushford

First Blog Post - Thank you !!!

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for your support not only for my cause but for an injustice that has affected many of our colleagues. In the short time that the web-site has been live I am humbled by the large number of colleagues and supporters that have reached out to us. All your comments, donations and encouragement have not only re-energized me to continue fighting on, but re-enforced my resolve to triumph over the ABUSE and INJUSTICE perpetrated by ABIM.

We as doctors are community, united by common goal of educating each other and our patients and the public in general with the goal of promoting health and well-being. I will continue to use this blog to keep all of you up to date on developments of the case. All suggestions, help and support, that can help me get back to helping my patients, will be truly appreciated and welcomed.

Dr Jimmy Salas-Rushford

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